Performance Supplements: A Guide For Maximizing Your Potential

Performance Supplements: A Guide For Maximizing Your Potential

September 11, 2020

If you live an active lifestyle, chances are that you’re continuously looking for new ways to help your body perform at its best. It’s true that consistent workouts and physical training help condition and train the body, but there are additive options out there that can help enhance results from those efforts and give you an extra edge.

This article  centers around performance supplements and maximizing your potential as an athlete or simply as an active human. When it comes to the term ‘performance supplements,’ many people’s minds head towards dangerous and illicit territory - but that’s not what we’re about. Rather than trying to take a shortcut (they don’t exist), we’ve looked far and wide for supplements that support both the mind and body through the training process. 

Vitamins, so many to choose from!


The Breakdown

It’s important to understand not only what each supplement can do for your body, but also the active ingredients it contains. We’ll go through the list of performance supplements we offer on our website, and give you the rundown of each one. That way, you can make informed decisions about how best to support your mind and body. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a naturally-occurring and important component in the human body. It assists in the production of red blood cells, nerve cells, and DNA. When there’s not enough Vitamin B12 in the body, it can cause someone to feel tired or weak - and that’s largely to blame on anemia (a deficiency of red blood cells). If there’s not enough Vitamin B12 behind the scenes, then there aren’t enough red blood cells being produced. 

Red blood cells are everything when it comes to athletic performance, because they’re quite literally the lifeblood of the human body. When the count is too low, it can even cause poor mental health or decreased mental function - and that’s because there isn’t enough blood delivering oxygen to the brain. 

The three groups that are most likely to be affected by a lack of Vitamin B12 are vegans, vegetarians, and older individuals. The first two are because Vitamin B12 occurs naturally in animal products like yogurt, meat, and eggs - which are not included in vegetarians’ and vegans’ diets. As for the older population, it has to do with stomach acid. We produce less of the acid as we age, and that’s what helps break down Vitamin B12.

That’s where vitamin supplements come in. Vitamin B12 supplements aid in the creation of red blood cells and repairing damaged cells and tissues. By adding these supplements to your diet, you will not only maintain peak athletic performance, but feel better all-around during your everyday life.*

Vitamin D3

Most everyone knows that Vitamin D comes from the sun. Technically, when discussing Vitamin D, we’re really talking about Vitamin D2 that comes from UV rays, and a deficiency can be somewhat remedied by spending around 15 minutes in the sun each day. (But remember, even a deficiency doesn’t mean you can forego the eco friendly sunscreen - and we’ve got you covered there!)

The difference between Vitamin D2 and D3 is that D2 comes from plant-based sources, and D3 comes from animal-based sources. The good news is that D3 can be purchased without a prescription, and is available in our Resilient Vitamin Tincture..

Just like any deficiency, a Vitamin D3 deficiency doesn’t mean good things for the body. Without an adequate amount of D3 in the body, you’re at more of a risk for bone fractures, anemia, and falling sick more often - because your immune system isn’t as strong. Supplementing the vitamin, on the other hand, can improve muscle strength, power, and recovery time. 

Taking the supplement now can also help your bone health later in life.* By making sure your bones keep their density and durability now, you’re ensuring that they won’t turn brittle later in life, either.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 isn’t as well-known of a name as Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D, but it’s equally as important. Vitamin K2 has everything to do with your heart and bones - some studies have even found it to benefit the prostate and the brain as well. 

When you’re working extra hard during training, your heart is pumping overtime, and it’s possible that your performance could decrease. When it comes to cardiovascular endurance, Vitamin K2 can come in handy because it boosts your heart’s stamina and evens out the downward trend when going gets tough.* This could be especially helpful during training when you’re trying to push your own limits, whether it’s going for that extra rep, mile, or minute. 

While taking Vitamin K2 supplements, training that would normally take 6-9 months to reach maximum potential could take as much as 60% less time*. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex is a powerful combination of nutritional mushrooms that supports memory, mental clarity, focus, and optimizes both nervous and immune system health. A true performance supplement, Clarity is made from 100% organic fruiting bodies, double extracted, mushrooms made in the USA.

By taking organic Lion’s Mane in the morning, you may find yourself with less of a need for that morning cup of coffee. It gets rid of that brain fog - that can either hit first thing in the morning or around that bewitching 3pm hour - and helps you stay focused for longer periods during the day.* 

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Things can get a little complicated when it comes to amino acids in the human body, but we’re here to make it simple. There are twenty different amino acids that make up the proteins of the human body, and out of those twenty, nine are considered essential. And out of those nine, three are branched-chain amino acids - and they’re called leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are the natural BCAAs. 

When we say ‘branched-chain,’ it refers to the chemical structure of the amino acids. This branched-chain can be found in animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs, and also in the supplement we provide on our website. 

Some benefits of natural BCAAs include:

Muscle Growth

For athletes, this is a big deal. Leucine stimulates a pathway that in turn stimulates synthesis of the muscle protein, which ultimately causes muscles to grow. 

Decrease Soreness

Soreness is a big part of training - and it can also hinder your journey. If you’re sore from a big session the day before, the motivation to do as much the next day won’t be there. 

Reduce Fatigue

Since your muscles are using BCAAs during exercise, that means there are less of them in your bloodstream. By supplementing BCAAs, you can replace them into your bloodstream and prevent as much tryptophan from making its way into your brain and causing you to feel tired out. 

Prevent Muscle Breakdown

Proteins in muscle are always being broken down and rebuilt, and there needs to be a fine balance between these two things. Muscle wasting occurs when proteins are broken down quicker than they can be rebuilt, and BCAAs can assist in preventing that from happening. 

Mitigates Symptoms of Liver Disease

Not only can BCAAs improve the health of those already diagnosed with liver cancer, they also might have the capability to prevent the disease in otherwise healthy people*. 


It's the climb

It All Comes Down to You.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, surfer, rock climber, swimmer, anything in between, or even without a sport of choice, boosting your athletic performance is never a bad thing. By using our natural performance supplements, you’ll be living your best life on the court, the pool, or just at home in your backyard. 

In the end, training and working out are what physical improvement is all about. This takes consistent work, and there's no shortcut around it. But through supporting your mind and body with carefully chosen natural supplements, you can train more often and with more focus, ultimately driving better results.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.